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Luxury Wedding & Event Destination

GM Resorts: Your Premier Hotel in Hanumangarh

Elevate your moments to grandeur at GM Resort, your luxurious haven in Hanumangarh.

Experience an unparalleled stay at one of the chic hotels in Hanumangarh, once known as Bhatner, the “Fortress of the Bhatti Rajputs.” Its transformation into Hanumangarh occurred in 1805, following its annexation by the princely state of Bikaner.

Come explore the wonders and sites that Hanumangarh has to offer you. We are here to redefine event management and hospitality through great service and modern facilities.

At GM Resort, we’re not just a venue we’re your dreams brought to life.

Our passion for perfection drives us to create the finest experiences in Hanumangarh. Discover our story, your journey, and the heart that beats for your celebrations. Our dedication to perfection propels us to craft the ultimate experiences in Hanumangarh hotels.


Luxurious Hotel Amenities at GM Resorts in Hanumangarh

Banquet Excellence in Hanumangarh

Elevate Your Celebrations at GM Resorts, Hanumangarh

  • Capacity : Various Halls to Accommodate Diverse Groups at our Hotel in Hanumangarh.
  • Facilities : Offering Cutting-Edge Amenities for Flawless Events at our Hanumangarh Hotel.
  • Versatility : Ideal for Intimate Gatherings or Lavish Galas, Providing an Array of Options at our Hotel in Hanumangarh.

Luxury Refined: Unveiling Opulent Stay at GM Resort In Hanumangarh

  • Room Variety: Choose from three types – Suite, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe.
  • Modern Comfort: Every room is carefully designed and loaded with amenities.
  • Luxurious Experience: We redefine luxury with elegant decor and top-notch facilities at the best hotel in Hanumangarh.

Hanumangarh's Exclusive Rooftop Restaurant

  •  Enjoy stunning views while dining at the most luxurious hotel in Hanumangarh.
  • perfect for a romantic dinner or lively gatherings with friends.
  •  Indulge in fantastic food that complements the beautiful scenery of Hanumangarh.
  • Experience top-notch service that adds to the enjoyment.

Sundown - Your Secret Sanctuary in Hanumangarh's premier hotel🌙

  •  Located on GM Resort’s second floor, ‘Sundown’ awaits as your exclusive hideaway.
  •  Accommodates up to 30 people for small, private events.
  •  Perfect for surprising loved ones with extraordinary moments at the best hotel in Hanumangarh.

Celebrate Love and Life at GM Resorts in Hanumangarh

Your Perfect Weddings and Events Unfold at GM Resorts. 

  • Our venues are stunning and add to the magic of your special moments.
  •  We provide top-notch service to make your experience impeccable at the best hotel in Hanumangarh.
  • Whether it’s a dream wedding, a big milestone, or a corporate event, we’re dedicated to excellence.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment to delivering the best remains constant.